The Best Way to Worry Less When You Become a Mom

I remember my mother sending me care packages in college, and often in the card was an article she clipped out of a newspaper or magazine, warning me about some danger I could be facing. The articles like “How I Got Skin Cancer at 21” or “Girl on College Campus Car-jacked.”   There was always a post-it note attached “This is why you need sunscreen!”

I was always so annoyed by these, especially the ones that had no relevance in my life. How was I going to get car-jacked when I didn’t even own a car? What I did not know, could not know, was that the moment you become a mother, your worry gauges suddenly explode.

The day you see that positive sign on a pregnancy test you begin to question everything! And it only intensifies once they are born.

I am only a handful of years into this parenting thing, but what I have found to be the best remedy for my mom worry is, other moms. Moms have been through it all. And because of that, they offer the best advice, a much-needed shoulder to lean on and the perfect sounding board.

When you spend time with other moms you soon realize your kid is just like all the other kids. The other kids bite too. The other kids won’t each anything but pasta as well. The other kid throws themselves on the store floor just like yours does. The other kid got sick 10 times their first year of school also.

Thankfully with technology, your mom tribe can reach beyond our neighborhood. Sometimes a member of your mom tribe is a someone you only know through social media, but has provided you with some truly sound advice.  For me, as a mom to twins, I have found online support from some amazing Mamas of multiples. It has been incredibly reassuring to know other moms, across the globe, are experiencing the exact same problems I am. 

And sometimes, it is just all meeting up at the local playground. The kids all run around carefree, while the moms talk, getting off their chest anything that has been bothersome, worrying or stressful. I promise you will leave that play-date feeling so much better and with that extra boost of patience that you didn’t have before.

Having a mom tribe helps you understand that your kid is actually normal. And so are you! So don’t be afraid to reach out or join a group, you won’t regret it!

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PROSPR is the Perfect Planner for Accomplishing Personal and Family Goals

At the beginning of every year people all over will put pen to paper and carve out their goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. I am included in that population. Then, if you’re like me, come June, you rifle through papers searching for that list. Possibly you find it, likely you don’t. Then you look at the list you created in January, and realize 6 months later, maybe one of your goals has been accomplished. While you vow the last six months of the year will be devoted to checking off your list, it rarely happens. Once you throw kids into the mix, forget about your yearly resolutions, your daily to-do barely gets done. 

I am constantly trying to find ways to remedy this. I have a daily to do list that is every changing, a monthly to do list that is a mile long and long-term goals that I have set for myself during the year. However, like most mothers, if the items on my list are not child-related, more often than not, they are put on the back burner. 


I was thrilled to find a planner that actually enabled me to follow through with my own goals. The PROSPR Planner helps you to be productive and focused and actually accomplish what you set out to do, while acknowledging gratitude for what you have in your life. 

You begin with your vision for the year. Writing out the what, why and how right in the front of the book, along with a vision board, gives you the chance to see daily what you intend for yourself. Next is your monthly goals. There is a calendar and spot to list your top 3 goals for the month and how you can attain them. 

Daily Planner

The best part of the PROSPR Planner is the daily journaling. Each morning begins with a gratitude journal. It is easy to get bogged down in the struggles of parenting. Being able to start each morning feeling thankful, has enabled me to find that extra bit of energy or patience I often lose. Next you list what you would like to accomplish that day. Honestly, there have been plenty of times fold the laundry is on that list. But I have found that if I write it down, it is more likely to get done! 

The other great parts of the daily planning are the family moments. Time is flying by. I don’t know how my twins are already toddlers. It has been so lovely at the end of the day to stop and reflect on a great moment of the day.

The evening recap allows you to hail your successes and recognize your failures. A success can be as simple as getting the laundry folded. And a failure can be the laundry is still in the dryer. No matter how big or small, it has been so helpful to reflect on my actions of the day. 

Express Yourself

I have always used a journal. Being able to express my feelings on paper has been my therapist as I navigate life. The PROSPR has pages dedicated to your daily musings, where you can write whatever you are feeling. Combining journal entries with daily planning, I have found, I am not so overwhelmed. I am having an easier time holding myself accountable and I don’t feel like I am missing out on the things I want to do. Plus I am already way more organized which is a huge win for everyone!

I definitely think everyone, especially moms, can benefit from a little more me time.  I think using a planner like PROSPR is a great start to doing so. Use the code PROSPR10 for a 10% discount. 

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