I hear the little pitter patter of feet down the hall, into our room and onto our bed. As I crack an eye open I see the clock reads 5am.  Not so softly whispered in my ear “Mom, Can you make me breakfast?”


This is the 3rd morning in a row like this and as I get up I feel a familiar anger welling up inside me. I feel this fury twice a year. Two times a year, our schedules are completely thrown out of whack, our bodies out of sync and I wonder who in the government I can convince that DayLight Savings is slowly killing society.

Any parent knows how crucial the daily schedule and our sleep is to the well-balance of a family. When something throws both of those out of whack, the entire family ship starts sinking. Some of those things cannot be helped. Sickness, start of school, a new baby. But when that thing that throws everything off kilter is pointless, fury starts to take over.

As far as I understand, Daylight Savings was to aid farmers way back in the day and currently to save energy. I have no idea if these are true. What I do know is it sucks.

My toddlers have no respect for the “extra hour” of sleep we were supposed to have. Everyone in our house is exhausted by 4 o’clock. Suddenly we all have colds (mostly likely from school, but I am annoyed so I am blaming on DST). The shorter day is killing my daily to do list.

All in all, Day Light Savings Time blows.

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  1. OMG you’re are so spot on, you’re killing me. While my kids are older now and happily indulge in languishing in bed longer, I completely feel your pain. You’ll get back on schedule, only to have it turned upside down again in about 6 months. Good luck!

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