gun control for Orlando

I am tired.  Usually when I am this exhausted I can find something to jump-start my system to help get me through the rest of the day.  But today and yesterday and most likely tomorrow and the days to come, I will still be tired.

I am tired of opening my computer to news of another life lost to gun violence.  I am tired of people pointing fingers instead of coming together to find a solution. I am tired of our politicians using such a grave tragedy for personal political gains.  I am tired of continuing rhetoric of hate when talking about human lives. I am tired of hearing guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Well, 50 people died from a bullet.  Yes, a person pulled that trigger, but it was the bullet that killed them. Please don’t say that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun.  There was a mass of good guys with a mass of guns, outside Pulse who couldn’t get to the 1 guy with a gun for over 2 hours.

I am tired of people defending the sale of assault rifles.  This is a gun that was developed for US Special Forces.  It is a weapon of war designed to kill as many people as possible.  Not one intruder breaking into your home.   I am tired of people using the 2nd amendment to claim their “right” to own this murderous weapon or bitch about government trying to control our lives and yet, want the government to ban people in love the right to marry each other, or deny women access to healthcare or prevent American citizens their birth right to cast a vote. I am tired of people not wanting to compromise, why is wanting to ban such a deadly weapon from the hands of non-military personal wrong?

I am tired of people trying to point the blame at Muslims. This is not a problem with Muslims, it was not a Muslim at Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston Church, Virginia Tech, or the hundreds and hundreds of cities where lives were lost due to gun violence.  This is a United States of America problem and I am tired of people pretending it isn’t.

I am tired of the hypocrisy.

I ask you in this moment to remember when you last danced.  Was it at your prom? Your son’s wedding? Your daughter’s slumber party with all her friends? In a class?  At a reunion?  It was fun wasn’t it?  It was so incredibly joyous being amongst people and dancing and laughing and just letting go.  Really try to remember that feeling, you can almost feel euphoric again, now think about another human with an assault rifle shooting everyone around you. Instantly that joy turns to bone chilling fear.

Think about those mother’s who, in the very early hours of the morning got texts and calls from their children that someone had a gun and they were going to die.  Now imagine being that parent, because that is all I can think about now.  Getting a call from my child, who moments before was LIVING life and now was fearing its end.

I am tired of people using government and politics to play Russian Roulette with our lives, with the lives of our children.  Because that is what it is, what it is becoming, luck that the bullets haven’t hit us, yet.


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Any thoughts?