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Today Kellan climbed out of his crib during what was supposed to be their nap.  I have been dreading this day for about a year, however, was expecting it to happen a lot sooner. Kellan is a climber and I would have bet my life that he would have gotten out of that crib a long time ago.  He has sort of tried but every time he dangled a leg over the rail, would put it down when I asked.  I was holding on to hope I could get us to 3 years old but the universe and the boys felt different.

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I listened to the entire escape over the monitor and it was pretty genius.  They were cheering each other on, saying “I’m going to do it” and then when Kellan finally made it over, Atlas yelled “you did it Kellan!”

The only shining moment of his new-found freedom was while he had escaped his brother didn’t and was having trouble getting out.  So instead of making a full break for it, Kellan stayed behind to try to help his brother get out too.  I heard him saying over and over ” I will help you Atty.”  In the midst of my horror that my nightmare had come true, I felt a swell of love for Kellan that he didn’t leave his brother behind. Sometimes the way they look out for each other almost breaks my heart.  Often throughout the day they will say “are you all right Kellan?”  Even when no one is hurt, it’s just a random check in.  It is so unbelievably adorable.  So even though he couldn’t help his brother out of his crib, and Atlas ended up just going for it and swan dived onto the floor into a crying heap, the sentiment was there.

I have decided to wait until the week-end to transition their beds for two reasons.  The first, I am not going at it alone when they realize the level of freedom they will have without bars on their beds.  I really don’t think I would make it to the end of the week with any patience, or stamina, or laughter left, trying to keep two energetic beings in their beds during naps and bed.  I need another set of hands for that one.  

Second, I am wishfully thinking that it might have been a one-off and they will continue to sleep in their cribs for another 6 months.  It seems mad, I know but a girl can dream can’t she?


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