luxe_avatarFinally there is a service that makes it easy to get to the airport with your children. Luxe is an affordable valet service that will meet you curbside at your terminal!

Once you have kids, traveling becomes an olympic event. It doesn’t matter if you are going away for two days or two weeks, you are still packing the same amount of stuff, which is a ton. With all of that luggage, the most challenging part becomes getting to and from the airport and then into the airport with all of your household items in hand along with your children.

It is a pain to park in long-term parking then take a shuttle to the airport. Getting everything on and off the shuttle and making sure the kids are safely close by can be a big challenge, especially when the shuttle is packed.

If you are traveling alone with your kids, as I often do, the bigger issue becomes finding a service that has car seats that can take you to the airport. This isn’t exactly easy in Los Angeles. Uber is not equipped in this city to accommodate car seats and so far I have found only one car service that will arrive at your door, car seats already in the car and that was pretty expensive.

Thankfully Luxe is here and is brilliant for parents traveling with children.  Luxe is a valet service that will meet you curbside at your terminal and park you car, then after your trip meet you outside of baggage claim.

How it Works

About 12 hours before your flight you can email your flight and contact information to Luxe. Then download their App. and place your parking request. The App is fairly easy to use, however, if you are tech. challenged, they have a support page on the App that is prompt and very helpful.

I used Luxe on my last flight, when I had to fly out by myself with the boys.  Andy from Luxe texted me about 10 minutes before we got to our curb to let us know he would meet us there and sure enough, within a minute of pulling up he was there. He helped me unload my car seats and luggage, while I was able to stand close to the boys. It was so easy and efficient, which are two critical aspects to traveling with kids.

On our return flight my husband was with me. Our flight was delayed, so I texted Andy to let him know as well as contacted Support just to make sure I was correct in letting the App know of the delay. Once we got our luggage Andy pulled our car up to our curb, helped my husband with the luggage and stayed by our side until everyone and everything was in the car. They even had a bottle of water waiting in our car for us.

The convenience of not having to take a shuttle to our car at 10pm with all of our luggage and two very tired toddlers, was incredible.

The rate for Luxe is $25/ day for the first 4 days and $15/ day for the 5th day and onward. You can add-on car wash and gas fuel up if you want. All transactions happen within the App.

I will 100% be using Luxe again. This took away half the stress of traveling with young children knowing I didn’t have to deal with a shuttle.

For questions or to place a reservation you can email:


Any thoughts?