Babies, Babies, Babies. Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower

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For the most part we are done having children.  Given that our families live within a plane’s ride away, unless we strike it rich and can afford help and college for more than 2 children, we are settled on our two.  Plus having twins first gives a unique perspective on having a 3rd child.  However, every once in a while I get an inkling.  It could happen when I am holding a friend’s baby or when I think about how fast my boys have grown.  Or like the other day when I attended Los Angeles’s biggest Baby Shower hosted by Big City Moms.  As I stood in line to enter the event I realized that I was completely surrounded by pregnant bellies.  Bumps of all sizes waiting to enter and see what the newest, greatest products are out there for their impending arrival.  There is something quite magical being so close to so many tiny beating hearts that suddenly, the inkling started to grow.


The sold-out event was held at Guerin Pavilion at Skirball Center and not an ounce of space was wasted.  Expectant and new parents walked amongst the multitude of exhibits, all with the same goal in mind – finding the next, best thing for their little one(s).  Every new parent knows trying to find out what is right for your baby can be overwhelming, therefore to ease such anxiety each booth has an on-site expert available to answer any question you may have about a particular item.

As I walked around drinking my mocktail, nibbling on a delicious cupcake, looking for gear specifically designed for twins I couldn’t help but notice some of the other amazing products used for singletons.  The Doona, an infant car seat that transforms into a stroller.  My back screamed with joy at the idea of not having to lug a large double stroller in and out of our trunk and then pull two heavy babies out of their chairs and into the stroller.  Carrying her (I had a girl this time) close to me in the uber-stylish, eco-friendly Beco baby carrier.  I was always so envious of people who could wear their baby when they were out and about so I wanted the best for my singleton.

I saw that familiar look of excitement mixed with bewilderment on the soon to be parents faces and felt nostalgic for that time and also a little jealous of the ease in which moms of singletons could get around with one baby, the inkling was growing.  I had visions of strapping my baby into this rad Peg-Perego infant bike seat and bike around town.  Never mind that I don’t own a bike and have no idea where I would put the other two.  I could almost feel the wind on our faces.

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My baby fever finally broke when I was looking at potty chairs at the Bjorn Baby booth, speaking to their expert, who was a mom to twin girls, about the trials and tribulations of potty training twins.   I had been so swept away by all the goodies for one baby that I never even thought about having twin toddlers plus a newborn.  I can barely keep one of my boy’s from climbing every surface in our house, never mind saving his life 70 times a day while tending to a newborn!  It would have been poor judgement that my reason for having a 3rd be I wanted the Nuna IVVI Carry Cot.  I could easily see myself having a shop around the Grove pushing this immensely stylish stroller, wearing chic heels because it simply calls for nothing less.

With my common sense in tact I spent the remainder of my time listening to the celebrity speakers, gathering as much information as I could for myself and other moms, filling my bag with incredible goodies and relishing being a part of this universal society of parents.  I would definitely recommend any expecting parent to attend this event, even us twin moms.  While there were a lot of items specifically designed for one baby there were quite a few innovative items and services that will help out a parent to multiples.  From skin care lines, to diaper bags for twin parents, to nanny services with caregivers who have experience with twins and so much more.  It almost made me want to do it all over again…ALMOST.

So in the meantime I will just get my baby fix working with expecting twin parents and the numerous vendors who have reached out to me wanting to know how they can be of service to twin parents.  Keep a look out as we review products and post some great deals for twin parents at Twin Love Concierge.  And when that inkling comes back I will just think about how nice it feels to finally sleep through the night…cue both babies crying.





Things I Took For Granted…Will I Ever Go To The Bathroom Alone Again?


I wish I had known to be grateful for the simple things in life, like going to the bathroom. How arrogant I must have seemed every time I got up to use the bathroom.  

How to get to the bathroom with kids?

Now I have 3 choices.

  1. Hold it until naps and risk a bladder or kidney infection.
  2. Go to the bathroom by myself and risk a nuclear meltdown because I guess they are worried I might escape out the window.
  3. Take everyone in with me and risk their lives since they are determined to climb into the tub, open every drawer and chase each other around a small and dangerous space.

The times I do dare to dream, I start with a lie “mommy is just getting you a diaper” then I creep down the hall and ever so slowly turn the handle of the bathroom door and very gently open it, holding my breath the entire time.  

However, more often than not as soon as the door is even ajar, “MAMA?” then the pounding of 4 feet plus 4 paws (because the dog can’t be alone in a room) down the hall and into the bathroom.  They bust through the door, like how dare I not invite them to the party?  

They don’t seem to hear me when I tell them not to run along the couch but can freaking hear the whisper of the bathroom door opening.

I used to be the person who when out in public would hold in until I got home, now I hold it until I am alone and can use a public restroom.  Disgusting, I know.  But who knew I would be held hostage by two tiny people and their pet.  I should have never let them take the catheter out when I left the hospital after delivering them.  It’s true, hindsight is always 20/20.



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