Clean Up On Aisle…Don’t Boys Need Household Toys Too?

twin toddlers playing with toys broom

Every time I try to sweep both of the boys always want to help. Given that I have one broom and dustpan, it ends up being a fight over who gets to use it and my room doesn’t get swept. I figured the best solution was to get each of them a kids broom and dustpan and we would all sweep the floors together.  So off we went to Toys R Us to get them their cleaning supplies.

Girls vs. Boys

Our quest for children’s cleaning supplies took a disappointing turn to the “little girl’s” section of the store where any sort of household item was either pink or purple.  Neither my husband nor I care about our boys having toys that are pink, that was not the issue.  I get that a lot of little girls naturally love pink and purple, but by having these items in stereo-typical girls colors we are telling our little girls that any cooking, cleaning, house-hold duty is clearly their responsibility.  

There was not one item in blue, green, yellow or any other color in the spectrum.  I have to say it was infuriating as a woman and as a mother to boys.  Does being a boy mean they don’t have to learn to become a productive member of their home?  

Equality in the Home

Women make up about 47% of the workforce today and I am sure that number will increase by the time the boys enter the workforce.  So doesn’t that mean that men should make up at least 47% of the work in the home?  I feel like most people I know live in a house where it is a shared duty to take care of what you have.  What are we trying to teach our children and why are toy companies and stores still so behind the mark?

That is why I was beyond delighted to hear that Target is moving away from gender based signs. Finally someone is starting to get it.  Of course I knew this news would unleash a litany of opinions from people who, in my opinion, must still live underground.

I was even more delighted to find out that a guy name Mike decided to pose as a Target Customer Service Rep and respond to the insane complaints people had upon hearing this news.  I spent a long time scrolling through his responses and I have to say it was genius.  If you are looking for a much-needed laugh one night check it out.

Screen Shot (1)          Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.47.54 PM

Let’s Step Into The Now

Why people are so afraid of Target’s decision is beyond me.  Just as it is even more confusing why the toy company doesn’t think to make a green toy vacuum.  I would think one of the joys of working at a toy company would be the ability to utilize their imagination to the fullest. Making pink only household supplies does not fall on the creative spectrum.

Needless to say we did not buy their cleaning supplies that day.  For two reasons, I was pissed and they were kind of expensive.  So I went to Target and bought them there, which in light of their recent decision, I am glad I did.

In the meantime, I will try to support stores and companies who work at not putting our kids in a box.  I will also try to be an example to my guys of what it actually means to be a woman and they will continue to help me with cleaning and cooking, even when they eventually realize it is not all that fun.  





East Coast Summers

east coast summer

I love going back east in the summer, the vibe is so different that you don’t really mind the heat and humidity all that much. There is something so distinct about summer on the East Coast.  I have no idea why it feels different from here.  

Maybe because when you look across the beaches of the East Coast you see families generations deep.  Each family takes up a massive footprint at the beach.  There is your immediate family, plus some cousins, some aunts, grandparents, some 2nd cousins, everyone watching everyone’s kids.  I actually got to sit in my beach chair for longer than 2 minutes.  

Sunset Picnics

On one night, everyone packs their favorite hors d’oeuvre, favorite beverage, my Aunt transfers her wine to a classier jug, beach chairs and warmer clothes to change into and we head to a particular beach to watch the sunset.  Whoever happens to be on the Cape is invited. It is one of my favorites when I am there.

 It is the chance for family members who haven’t seen each other in a while but are on the Cape at the same time, to get together. And let their kids get to know our kids.  Beach chairs, facing the sea, are lined up in a semi-circle around the food and wine table. The adults sit and watch the little ones run free toward the ocean. The sunset picnic carries on even when we are not there and will every time we are back.  

IMG_1092 IMG_1094

So Much to Do

Everything you do is an experience. Going out for ice cream is an activity. There is something perfectly summer about going out for ice cream, at a family owned business where you get a cone, sit on a bench gazing out at the woods or vast green fields surrounding you.  I wanted my boys first ice cream experience to be that.  So I waited until we went back for them to have ice cream for the first time.  

We got in the car and drove  to a family owned establishment that has been serving ice cream since the 1930’s.  And true to their personalities they ate their ice cream – Kellan took one bite, looked at me and laughed then dove into the rest. Atlas took a bite, then one lick at a time savored that cone as it melted down his entire arm.  They may not remember how wonderfully New England it was, but I will.

IMG_1218  IMG_1189

When in Rome

The boys went to their first Irish Pub, which I am assuming other than Ireland, Boston comes pretty close to having some of the best ones.  Also in Boston, it is not considered a poor parenting decision to take your toddlers into one, because as they say, When in Rome. The boys loved it, singing and clapping along to the music.  Kellan, not sure if it is because of his name or what, really felt the Irish blood running through him. Like any good Irish-man ended up dancing on the table amongst many other questionable acts.

IMG_8298-1  IMG_8318

Late Summer Nights

Playing outside after dinner takes on a new meaning as well.  There is something inherently special about it still being light enough to play in the yard after dinner.  We do it here, however, back east the boys had extra energy as they ran across the yard as the sun was going down.  The played in the rain, fought off bugs, ran from one end of the yard to the other with their cousins with wild abandon.  

It could have just been that they were playing with their cousins who they don’t get to see often but clearly love. Or that their Uncle was out there running with them and throwing them in the air.  Maybe is was seeing my parents sit on their deck watching their grandchildren. Whatever, it was pure joy.


Something Different

It just all feels different. Could it be nostalgia of my own or it could be that it is just different?  I have no idea.  I love LA, the year round weather is unbeatable, especially with toddler twins.  But I will take an east coast summer any day and I relish in the knowing that the boys will grow up with a little bit of both coasts running through them.

IMG_1122 IMG_8326-1



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