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A major concern for dads expecting twins is being able to be there for the birth, and those first few weeks home when their partner may need a second set of hands the most. It can be extremely stressful to feel torn between being home with your new babies or staying at work and bringing home a paycheck.

Be the father your child deserves and get paid while you do! Men with a baby on the way or a child about to join the family might be curious about their options when it comes to taking time to bond with their new addition.

 California Paid Family Leave provides up to six weeks of partially paid leave for fathers to bond with a new biological, foster care, or adopted child during the child’s first year in the family.

 With Paid Family Leave, you can receive approximately 55 percent of your salary (from $50 up to $1,173 per week) to bond with a new child.

This Father’s Day, consider the following reasons why you should take Paid Family Leave:

 1.     What’s good enough for Mark Zuckerberg…

Mark Zuckerberg had the Internet buzzing when he took paternity leave to take care of his new child, and if the founder of Facebook thinks this is a good idea, it must be worth looking into. He is also in good company with celebrity dads like Justin Timberlake, and Jimmy Kimmel, all of whom took time off from work to bond and care for a new child.

 2.     Bonding leave for fathers is on the rise.

Since 2007, the number of fathers who have taken Paid Family Leave has nearly doubled – reflecting a shift in California culture as well as our expectations for new fathers. But the fact remains that mothers still outpace fathers when it comes to taking Paid Family Leave, meaning there’s still more work to be done to make sure fathers use these benefits, which are already paid for.

 3.     Leave doesn’t have to be taken all at once. 

Paid Family Leave was created to help families take the time they need – and it takes your schedule into consideration. Paid Family Leave can be staggered or split up as necessary to get the most possible use out of it in the first year after a child joins your family.

Taking time off allows you to bond with and contribute to your child’s upbringing in a hands-on way. It is something that, as a father, you are entitled to. So if you are preparing for a new child this Father’s Day, remember: Paid Family Leave is an option.

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