tarzan challenge

One of the greatest joys in my life before I gave birth was working out.  Not to say it wasn’t very difficult to get up and get myself there, but it provided me with the release that I think everyone needs in life.  About 4-5 times a week I would spin or hit the gym and always walked away from my work out with that euphoric feeling, less stress, accompanied by tired muscles.  I loved it.

Then I got pregnant with twins, and I was really limited in what I could do. I continued a modified version of spin a couple of times a week coupled with a trip to the gym about once a week.  It helped relieve any stress I felt about my impending birth, raising multiples, finances and everything else that goes through your head when you are pregnant with twins.

photo by Khali MacIntyre Photography
photo by Khali MacIntyre Photography

Then I gave birth to twins and ceased to have the time to work-out.  I really feel like, more than anything else in my life prior to becoming a mother, I miss being able to consistently work out.  Once the boys started getting a bit older I began to frequent Cycle House every once in a while and have just started to try to make it a weekly occurrence. However, it still isn’t easy.  Our week ends are jam-packed, so even when my husband is home, giving me the chance to run off, it is hard because we have so much going on.  But like my husband says, everyone is happier when mommy goes to the gym.

This isn’t new information to any mother out there desperately trying to find some moment in the day when you can get a little exercise in and feel better about yourself.  And with summer fast approaching, the struggle is real.  I am proud of what my body created, but that doesn’t mean I am ready to slip on a bathing suit with full gusto.  Gone are the beach days where you lay in the ideal position contouring your body into the perfect shape.  When you are on the beach with toddlers, there is a lot of up and down, bending over, squatting in the sand, just overall unflattering movements.

Thankfully just in time for summer, I have found the perfect work out and I don’t even have to leave my living room.  The Tarzan Challenge is a 6 week workout challenge led by celebrity trainers Nick Hounslow & Teri Ann Kretfin, gives SAHM’s a chance to actually get a proper work out with real trainers. Each week is a new work out designed to whip our asses into shape.

The best part, is that each video is only a few minutes long. I am pretty sure I can find 5 minutes a few times a week to give myself.  Ok moms, who is ready to take the Tarzan Challenge with me? 

Any thoughts?