In the months leading up to baby’s birth, moms often find themselves furiously cleaning and scrubbing the house in preparation of the arrival of the newest family member. Yet, it seems the moment you walk into your pristine home with your little bundle in your arms, it never looks as clean again.

 Keeping up with the demands of motherhood and life often leaves house cleaning in the dust (pun intended). Throw a toddler or two into the mix, and your home looks like an rainbow explosion of plastic, wood, fuzzy animals and everything else related to kids. 

Nicole Gardiner, of Dream Cleaners London, shares her tips for fast cleaning after a toddler.

Cleaning Game Plan

The cleaning after your toddler child can be challenging, although there are ways that you can help you keep both your house clean and your baby happy. The key to applying a successful cleaning on your house with your baby inside and especially cleaning after the messes he makes, because lets face it- it is inevitable, is attendance and persistence. It might seem impossible to the young mothers who have never taken care of a toddler child before, but it is totally doable. Be prepared for constant running around and thinking one step ahead, which you will be doing anyway.

One of the things that can discourage you, but shouldn’t is getting used to seeing your home semi-cleaned and not as organized as you would want it to be. Accept the fact that having a child is a wild ride, but it is totally worth it- you will live to learn with all the toys scattered across the rooms, with the stains on the furniture, and not just there but practically anywhere. Be prepared for constant food and liquid stains on your clothes and every other surface your toddler child has access to.

In order to limit those frustrating possibilities we have assembled a few tips that will help put things back in perspective and make your mom experience less burdening.

Minimize the Toys

One of the tips we think you will find most helpful is the reduction of toys. Children, and especially young ones can get overexcited if they have at their fingertips a whole large collection of toys, most of which it hardly notices, but still affect their developing personality. Less toys means less clutter, and more vacant space you can step on inside the house, which will definitely change if the toy box is overflowing and they are being scattered all over the house. We suggest you keep one toy box for the random, all of a kind, toys and never exceed its capacity. Different types of toys like stuffed animals and educational gadgets should have be relocated and resigned to a individual place. A big number of toys can make your child throw unnecessary tantrums and act spoiled- less and limited number of toys can teach your child appreciation and become better tempered.

Team Effort

Include your toddler child in the clean-up activities. Most of the times you will be cleaning after it and having it help you will prevent further messes to clean. Small children are usually good helpers, they are not exactly helpful per say, but the sole interest of doing a task alongside the grownups sure sparks their attention. Act as everything is a game to make them more excited about cleanups. Teach your child to clean after itself, do that together at the beginning and slowly persuade him to do so on its own- this will help him build character and take better care of himself/herself later.

Notice the Forgotten Toys

With time you will get used to your child’s rhythm and needs. You will start to notice which toys he prefers over others and you can slip the ones it doesn’t really like away. Observe their behavior and learn to say “NO”. Disagreeing with your child is absolutely normal, and in most cases, preferable. You will see that after a while of practicing those tips you will spend less time cleaning and organizing, your child will start helping you more and that will definitely improve the cleaning situation at home. Including your child in the cleaning process, learning to refuse him things and letting him make do with the little he has will can work wonders that affect many aspects of both your lives.

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