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Finding A Bit of My Old Self in the Sky


One of the biggest challenges I continually deal with since becoming a mother is feeling like I have said goodbye to my former self.  The self that lived a more adventurous life, where I could get up and go on a whim. There isn’t a lot of that these days, especially having twins. We are just getting to a place where a crack in our strict schedule isn’t going to kill us all.  So, more often than not I am have to take a pass on most things that are not toddler related. However, every once in a great while something along when I get to shed off a layer of mom skin and bring out that person I was before I had twins.  Ironically enough, this happened on Mother’s Day weekend.

On Verlocal, a cool social marketplace where individuals or small businesses are able to host events and share their passions with others, I perused through a wide range of experiences. There is everything from surf lessons, cooking classes, to driving a Lamborghini.  I am pretty sure if you wanted to try something, it will be on Verlocal.  I knew since I wasn’t given this opportunity often I wanted to do something I have never done before.  So I signed up for Flying Trapeze: The Fun Exercise.



I woke up early on the morning of my high-flying act, not really knowing what to expect. When I pulled into the lot and saw what I was about to embark on my first thought was “oh shit” and  my second thought was “maybe my old self is doing just fine stuffed under the layers of momminess that have taken over.”

I am not sure what I expected when I signed up.  But this was a real trapeze and it was really high.  Then I saw the chart that explained everything we would accomplish by our lesson’s end, which was a Knee Hang Catch Backflip Dismount…Um?  It didn’t help that the other two people who had signed up for the class were sisters, in their 20’s, former gymnasts and one had been doing this for a while.

After a quick stretch, an overview of what we were going to do and a practice hang on a bar that was about 7 ft off the ground, I began my ascent up the ladder to the top of the platform. Once they hooked me in and I grabbed the bar with my hands I looked over the edge to the net below and suddenly, I really had to dig deep to find that girl who had no fears.  I think the instructor below said hop at least 5 times before I took the plunge. And in a most ungraceful fashion and with a loud screech escaping from my lungs, I swung from the trapeze.

The hardest part of the trapeze, other than the fear, was trying to coordinate my body parts to work together.  I am an athletic person, and pretty coordinated, however, I found it a real struggle to get my arms and legs to move together in a way that was going to progress my trapeze skills.  For example, we were instructed to land on our backs, however, when you are hanging from the bar and are ready to let go, all of a sudden it seems extremely complicated to lay back while falling through the air. I don’t know if it because my new mommy brain spends more time on the level of toddlers or I am getting old. Either way, I found my brain in a constant battle with itself trying to configure my body the correct way.


There was also no settling into each move.  Very quickly we moved onto a backflip release.  I feel like the instructor’s motto is “it’s like a band-aid, do it quick.”  That way you don’t have a lot of time to panic that we are moving on to a new move.  It was a call to action for me each time I stood, toes off the ledge, to jump off and attempt the next move.  But I did it!  I didn’t always look good doing it, but I jumped every time.  Even completing the Knee Hang Backflip Dismount. I omitted the Catch because for me that did not happen, did for my teammate though.

Overall it was super fun.  I would for sure recommend SwingIt Trapeze for anyone looking to experience something new and exciting.  It’s been a long time since I have pushed myself mentally and physically in such a way and it was thrilling.  They also have Circus Summer Camp for kids, which sounds amazing and I know the boys would love it.

As I walked away, I was sore and tired, but in a good way.  In a way I haven’t felt for a long time.  I felt a sense of comfort knowing that she was still there, that girl who had wings and when I wanted or needed to, I could pull those wings out.  I am already on Verlocal looking for my next adventure, anyone moms want to join?

If you sign up for an experience at Verlocal you get a %15 discount using the code: KidsKillCoolness

To see more images from my trapeze class check out my facebook page kidskillcoolness 





Making Friends

making friends

Something is happening and it is breaking my heart in the sweetest way, the boys are making friends.  For the most part it is still a bit of a forced friendship in that their friends are the children of my friends, nevertheless they are engaging with other kids in a way they never have before.

They have always played with each other.  It must be a twin thing, because they have had their own games between themselves since they could crawl.   However, other kids have largely been ignored.  Sometimes they would take notice of someone, but for the most part, after a quick stare off, they would go on their way and either play alone or with each other.

When Things Begin To Change

And then suddenly, it began to change.  They have started to engage with other kids, fully participating in whatever game has been imagined.  It is so incredibly adorable and fulfilling to watch them play with other kids.  I get filled with love for them and the idea of established friendships from toddler age and as they go through life.

making friends

It is also so interesting to watch how they go about interacting, once again proving how incredibly different they each are.  Atlas is much more social.  He actively seeks out kids now.  It is almost an anthropological experiment to watch him decide who he deems worthy of playing with.  There could be a group of kids but for some reason, he will often find one and walk over, stand right by their side until they notice him, smile at them, then begin to engage in some sort of play.  It often doesn’t matter what the game is, if he is interested in a certain kid, then he will play.  The most amazing thing is that, 90% of the time he chooses a girl. In some ways it doesn’t surprise me that he always chooses the girls, he is devilish in the most engaging sort of way and it is hard to resist him.  I worry for the teenagers who fall for him later in life.

For Kellan on the other hand, it is the activity not the person who draws him in.  He is quite content playing on his own, conjuring up some sort of game, as he is usually the one that creates them, however, if someone is playing something that he deems interesting he will play.  He almost acts as if they are lucky to have him participate, but that is how Kellan has always moved through life.  My husband often says he acts like he is someone who expects his drinks to be paid for.

I am so curious to see how their behavior towards other kids change as they grow or will it essentially stay the same?  I can see Atlas having a lot of friends, where Kellan has a handful of really good ones.  I also worry that Atlas’s need to impress might overwhelm kids or Kellan’s seeming aloofness might be mistaken for indifference.  I guess I can’t control any of it when it comes to them making friends.  I can only watch and enjoy this new chapter in their development and lives and find solace in knowing as much as they are playing with others, they still check in with each other.  They don’t always need to play together but often will stop whatever they are doing and call out for their brother.  Just knowing he is around and ok gives them the confidence and comfort to carry on their way, and that friendship, I hope never changes.





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