Daylight Savings Time Is A Slap In The Face To Parenting

I hear the little pitter patter of feet down the hall, into our room and onto our bed. As I crack an eye open I see the clock reads 5am.  Not so softly whispered in my ear “Mom, Can you make me breakfast?”


This is the 3rd morning in a row like this and as I get up I feel a familiar anger welling up inside me. I feel this fury twice a year. Two times a year, our schedules are completely thrown out of whack, our bodies out of sync and I wonder who in the government I can convince that DayLight Savings is slowly killing society.

Any parent knows how crucial the daily schedule and our sleep is to the well-balance of a family. When something throws both of those out of whack, the entire family ship starts sinking. Some of those things cannot be helped. Sickness, start of school, a new baby. But when that thing that throws everything off kilter is pointless, fury starts to take over.

As far as I understand, Daylight Savings was to aid farmers way back in the day and currently to save energy. I have no idea if these are true. What I do know is it sucks.

My toddlers have no respect for the “extra hour” of sleep we were supposed to have. Everyone in our house is exhausted by 4 o’clock. Suddenly we all have colds (mostly likely from school, but I am annoyed so I am blaming on DST). The shorter day is killing my daily to do list.

All in all, Day Light Savings Time blows.

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When Will I Sleep Again ?

toddler sleeping on mom

This is how the other night went:

12:30am – there is a shuffling down the hall, a silhouette of a mini human by my bedside waits quietly, then turns to shuffle back down the hall to little silhouette’s room.

It is cold, so I get up, go to the little one’s room, cover him back up. He reaches up to me so I have to lay in his bed for a few minutes. I say have to, because if I don’t he will get upset and I will never make it back to my own bed alone.

3:30am –  another shuffling down the hall, a silhouette of same mini human is by my bedside, trying to climb into my bed. He succeeds, wedges his little body between me and husband and goes to sleep. His head on most of my pillow.

4:15am – “Mom”…”Mom”…”Mama”….”Mom”… the other little being yelling from his room. Having just fallen back to sleep from the rousing of the first little being, I stumble down the hall into bedroom of the yelling child.

Me: are you ok?
Child: I can’t find my Thor Tsum Tsum
Me: (internally) are you fucking kidding me !  (externally) Honey I am sure it’s in your bed.
Child: No
I spend the next few minutes looking for a 2 inch Thor in the dark.
Me: I don’t know if we will find him, it is dark
Child: But I need him.
Me: (internally) weeping. (Externally) What if I just sleep with you
Child: ok

As I pull the covers down I find the missing Tsum Tsum but have committed to sleeping in the twin bed with one of the twins so I am stuck.

6:30am – The house is awake, joining me as I have been awake since the missing Tsum Tsum incident.

Somehow and sadly, this has become the norm.

I Was Warned About This

When I was pregnant everyone warned us about the lack of sleep. And they were right. That first year, especially those first few months almost killed me. I should have been in a study about people who somehow survive having not slept for 3 months straight.

Once we hit about a year and a half and were past the teething, crawling, walking, sleep regression, I thought, finally a full night’s sleep.

But anyone who is a mother knows that even when they are sleeping through the night, we still aren’t.  Any noise that comes out of the child’s room, wakes you up. Depressingly, even a night away from your children, doesn’t bring a full night’s sleep. After you have been programmed to wake up every few hours, that just becomes the new norm.

I was kind of ok with that, I was still getting chunks of sleep here and there. Thinking anything is better than that those first few months. I was a fool. I had no idea what toddler twins would do to my getting a full night’s sleep.

The toddler years bring a litany of new reasons as to why my kids are still robbing me of much-needed sleep. Here are just a few

  1. Nightmares – this is a legit reason to wake up. I will never get upset in the middle of the night going to their bedside or putting them on our bed because of a nightmare. Though this is one of the least occurring reasons as to why they wake up.
  2. Someone has wet the bed – this too is on the acceptable list. But, also, one of the less frequent reasons for waking in the night.
  3. Sickness – Once they enter school, all bets are off. These kids are sick all the time! And a sick kids means, husband is on the couch and kid(s) are in bed with me, coughing, sneezing, puking in my face. All-night-long.
  4. Stuffy Nose – my boys hate having a stuffy nose. So they wake up, cry they have a stuffy nose, which only exacerbates it, and have to sleep with me sniffing in my face all night long.
  5. Just want to sleep with me – adorable I know, but once one is in our bed, twin telepathy kicks in, waking the other one, Realizing his brother is gone, he then too wants to be in our bed. They both have to sleep near me, so I am wedged in between two beings clinging to me or I sleep at the foot of the bed.
  6. They lost their sock in the middle of the night – this happens at least once a week.
  7. Lost their blanket in the middle of the night – again, once a week if not twice.
  8. They don’t want their socks on anymore – God forbid they just take them off themselves.
  9. Someone lost a stuffed animal – None of the other 50 stuffed animals on their bed will suffice.
  10. The night-light is too bright.
  11. There is no night-light.
  12. They need me to pull up the covers.
  13. Are too cold.
  14. Are too hot.

The list goes on, their reasons are arbitrary, and there seems no end in sight.

Somehow, over three years in, I am back to where I started at the beginning of motherhood, not getting any sleep. Only this time, it is worse, because they are bigger, take up more of the bed, the 7 animals they bring with them take up the other half of the bed and always take my pillow.

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