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These are my top picks that I have found parenting twins

My Favorite Books For Toddlers and Parents

Summer Reading

I have been reading books to the boys since the day they were born and thankfully their love of books has grown with them. 

I, too, love to read, so I don’t mind when they ask me to read book after book.  However, we don’t have an endless supply of books and while they LOVE reading the same books over and over, while I don’t. I was very excited to get them library cards at the start of summer to help relieve me of some of that repetitiveness.  Our literary summer was a fantastic revolution of books, with a couple of store bought ones sprinkled in.  Here are our top books of this summer

Favorite BooksWhen she finally stopped, she was far beyond the reef. Here the water was gloriously empty…no one watching, no one to hide from. “This, by far our favorite book of the summer. We bought it in our favorite books shop on Cape Cod and read it multiple times a week.  It is a magical, sweet escape under the sea.


Summer BooksTrip Away; Make No Stay; Meet Me All By Break of Day. Hand in Hand With Fairy Grace, We Will Sing, And Bless This Place.”  This BabyLit book feels so magical. I bought it thinking the boys would clearly become literary masters upon reading Shakespeare but we all fell in love with the poetry of fairies. Each have their favorite fairy and have since spent the summer going on fairy hunts.

summer readingBear was a rambling musician. An entertainer. A legend. One bear extraordinaire.  For the boys the sing-song way the book was written made it a favorite. For me it reminded me of a Wes Anderson movie so I didn’t mind reading Bear Extraordinaire on a loop.


summer booksI’m FRUSTRATED because I can’t do it. It’s hard and I want to cry. I don’t know whether to give it up or give it another try.  The boys turned 3 and emotions have taken over. I found this at the library thinking it might help them to use their words when crisis takes over. It has helped immensely. They try to figure out the word for what they are feeling or I can help them identify it,instead of just having a tantrum. A parent win for me!

chicka chickaA is out of bed and this is what he said: “Dare, double dare you can’t catch me. I’ll beat you to the top of the coconut tree.”  This is always on a top list of letter books. I am not sure if it is the pile up of letters or the mischievous way they sneak out to climb the tree. I am sure we will be borrowing this one quite a few times.


The little pea“A peacock appeared. The little pea exclaimed: “I want to be like a peacock. With a tail as beautiful as a bouquet! The little pea picked up a feather and attached it with a string. My, how handsome am I?”   The Little Pea’s independent spirit and confidence is one of my top wishes for the boys so I am happy to read this as much as they want, hoping those lessons sink in!

busy buildersSunday! Dream it day! Study, scribble, scheme day.  Another score from our favorite East Coast book store. They get to pick out their own books now and Kellan picked this winner. It has all their favorite elements; trucks, animals, building and playgrounds.


where is my teddyA Giant Teddy Bear! “Is it Freddie? said Eddie. “What a surprise! How did you get to be this size?”  I find this book so clever. I have no idea if the boys get that when reading it but they always bring this one over when I tell them to pick a book


little cloudLittle Cloud changed into an airplane. Little cloud often saw airplanes flying through the clouds.  Another favorite book, Sector 7, has turned the boys on to the magic of clouds. So this was a no brainer when we were choosing at the library. Everyone loves to imagine what a cloud looks like and of course, author, Eric Carle created a great book about that very thing.

sweet dreamsGood night my precious child, may your dreams be long and sweet- And full of great adventures with the friends you’re soon to meet.  I am always on the look out for the perfect bed-time book. And this one is pretty close. Magical dreams of animals and the forest are what I always want the boys to have when they sleep.


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Top TenToys For Two Year Olds

toddler toys

Twice a year(birthday and Christmas), I try to thin out the crowd of toys that currently we have to make some room for the new ones.  It is a job that actually makes me a bit sad, saying good-bye to these toys.  It is just another reminder of how fast this is going, as they seem to be rapidly moving on to “big” kid toys.

This past year was the year of self play and imagination. They spend their days creating games and scenarios and it is bliss to watch. Here is a list of the best toys that got us from age 2 to age 3.

toddlers on balance bikes

  1. KaZam Balance Bike. ($60)This by far was the best gift.  My boys use their bikes almost every day.  It is easy to understand why.  We all remember the joy and freedom that riding our bikes brought us when we were kids.  It is the same for toddlers.  Their imagination has exploded with these bikes.  They pretend to be ambulances, construction trucks, motorcycles, they pretend they are going to work, the store, the airport on their bikes and it is so amazing to watch.  Even more incredible is how quickly they learned to balance on them.  We literally have to run beside them now when we take them around the neighborhood.
  2. Hot Wheels.  ($2.99)This is pretty self-explanatory, I mean they have been around FOREVER!  But I still had to add them because it is the first toy the boys play with every morning when they wake up. They, along with their bikes, are the toys that have really ignited their imagination.  Their cars have conversations, have names and live all over the world.
    toddlers with lawnmowers
  3. Lawnmowers. ($24.99) This is probably our favorite yard toy.  They are obsessed with pretending to be gardeners and the lawnmowers turn that dream into a reality.twins playing with trucks
  4. Trucks, Truck, Trucks. ($15.00) CAT Tough Track Construction trucks are the best.  They are mini versions of the real thing and my boys spend days on end playing in the dirt in our yard.
  5. Books.  I am so thankful the boys love reading.  They will sit with us for an hour as we read to them, but they will also sit on their own and read their books.  A contender for their favorite is Richard Scarry’s Car’s Trucks & Things That Go, but there are so many others they love too. (Check out my Pinterest page for some of our favorites).
  6. Jake and The Neverland Ride on Boats ($26) – They got these on their first birthday and are still using them.  What was once used as a tool for walking, has turned into a pirate ship, fork lift, taxi and many other means of transportation.  I often ask them to be delivery men and help me deliver items to the rooms which they belong.  A win/win for all.toddlers rolling on balls
  7. The Big Ball. ($3) – The huge brightly colored balls you see in the grocery store, that every kid loves to bounce.  They love to roll all over them, kick them, throw them.  A great $3 investment.
  8. Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks ($17) The boys will spend a half hour playing with this puzzle.  It has bright designs, a neat storage container (which is needed with puzzles) and what really helped them learn their shapes.
  9. Duktig Tool Box IKea ($8) – My mom wanted to get the boys something small one time when we were out and this has become a staple toy in our house.  They fix everything and anything. With these tools they pretend to be tree cutters, mechanics, construction workers, and so much more.
  10. Personalized Super Hero Capes –  Etsy. Etsy. Etsy.  Seriously, where would we be without Etsy? Adding a cape to your daily outfit gives anyone an extra boost and the belief they can fly.

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