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It takes a village is something we hear constantly when it comes to raising children.  Yet, in so many ways, the landscape of today’s village is quite different from when our parents were kids or even when we ourselves were children.  In a time when people are busier than ever, more parents are working or living far from extended family, we have found an alternative to the common village, a virtual village.

Parents have discovered a lovely online community that gives support and encouragement that a lot of new moms need, especially in those first few months. I know I used the online community for everything, from what baby gear to get, to feeding, to general support for a new twin mom.  Recently, I found a great member of that virtual village in The Baby Cubby.  

The Baby Cubby

Along with an online store, The Baby Cubby works hard to be a supportive resource for moms and dads navigating the waters of parenthood. They are a team of moms and dads who, through their blog and social media, work very hard to provide support, encouragement, tips and advice to everyone joining team parenthood. For their online store, they only choose products they have fully researched and have the utmost confidence in.  The best part, they will price match, so you are guaranteed to get the best deal.  Which really comes in handy for us twin parents when more often than not we are buying two of everything.

There are so many items on their site that I too loved and use.  So, I wanted to share my recommendations for parents of newborn twins from The Baby Cubby


The Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat is by far one of my favorite car seats.  It’s what we used for our twins and has the three most important features when shopping for a car seat. It’s lightweight, which is useful when carrying two, the weight requirement begins at 4lbs, also a plus as many twins are born on the smaller side and has a high safety rating.

twins in double stroller

We have the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller and I love it!  It is super easy to maneuver and fits through every door frame we have needed to get through.  In my opinion, when going for a side by side double, this is the one.

The best double umbrella on the market right now is the UppaBaby G-Link.  Lightweight, great canopies and storage (not common with umbrellas), adjustable seats allowing newborns to ride and easy to maneuver.

I love the Mamaroo because it serves as both a swing and chair.  We used it to soothe the boys and as a seat when we started solids.  It has a smaller footprint than most swings and it lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room. Just make sure you get the infant insert for newborns.

I might have used my Skip Hop Wet Bag more than anything else and am still using it with my toddlers.  Given how many times you are changing wet pants or shirts when you are out, this bag gets its daily use.  And I never have to worry about my own bag smelling or getting wet. 

We used Amber Teething Necklaces on both the boys and went through the teething phase without too much fuss.  I definitely recommend these to help with those sore gums and fussy babies.

I feel like there isn’t anything of Fridababy’s that I don’t use and love.  The Nose Frieda is still a life saver, the Windi was incredibly helpful in our early months and the Fever Thermometer Sensor provides huge relief, especially since fevers are a scary but common occurrence with babies and kids.

baby in Babiator sunglasses

I wanted to get the boys used to wearing sunnies early so we got them Babiators.  They are incredibly rad, with cool designs, great sun protection and the best part is if you lose them they give you a free replacement pair.

I have a big concern with plastic and considering babies put everything in their mouths I tried to find a lot of toys that were wooden.  The Baby Cubby has some great teethers and toys aimed to help them with motor skills that are made of wood and still colorful.

When it comes to baby gear there is so much out there to choose from that it is nice to find places that you can trust will offer the what is best for your baby at the best price.  The Baby Cubby works hard to provide that for parents.