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Summer Reading List for Toddlers. My Twins Favorite Books This Summer

toddler readingEver wonder how to handle the mundane aspects of parenting? One of the more challenging parts to parenting toddlers is their penchant for repetition. I am always shocked to hear them laugh at a show they have watched at least 30 times. However, at least with TV I can leave the room. But when it comes to books, I am called into the game at least 75% of the time.

Motivated by selfishness, I am always on the look out for new books that both the kids and I will enjoy reading. Here are some our favorite books from our summer reading list.


It all started with distress calls from the Breakfast Cluster. Space Dog is a clever story of sworn enemies, Space Dog, Astrocat, & Moustronaut, who have to work together to save the universe. It is a fun read for both parents and kids.



Hey, be careful with that stick. It’s not a stick. Not A Stick is the epitome of a child’s imagination verses parent’s caution. It is a celebration of being a kid.




How come that man can’t see? Boy what do you know about seeing? Nana told him. Some people watch the world with their ears. Last Stop on Market Street is an award-winning book about a boy and his grandmother who ride the bus across town every Sunday. This lovely story is about seeing the beauty in the world around.




In a place where colors ran wild, there lived a girl who was wilder still. Her name was Swatch, and she was a color tamer. She was small, but she was not afraid. I LOVE Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color. It is beautifully illustrated, with a story that will make all readers wish they could be Swatch. 




We all went on safari, past an old acacia tree. Nearby giraffes were grazing, so Tumpe counted three. This is a fantastic book for helping children with their numbers. But, We All Went on Safari, is so much more than a counting book. There are facts about Tanzania, each animal, and the Maasi people.



But Superheroes have all sorts of choice…Instead of destruction and loud, livid voices they burn angry steam off with speed of light hiking or super-Xtreme outer space mountain biking. Even Superheroes Have Bad Days is a fun book to help out little ones as they navigate feelings and choices. It shows kids that it’s ok to get angry and upset, it’s how we handle those feelings.



I’ll teach you how to jump on the wind’s back, and then away we go. I have always loved this classic. And while we are reading a much watered down version of Peter Pan, my boys love the adventure of it. We often listen to the audio in the car, and every time it is completely silent as they listen to the tale of the boys who never grew up.





Some families have two moms or two dads. Some families have one parent instead of two. The Family Book is a sweet book that celebrates how all families are different. It is a great introduction for toddlers about how regardless of what makes up a family, every family is full of love.



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Turns Out I Am Not The Back to School Mom I Thought I Would Be

Twins going to schoolStaples used to run a commercial of a dad skipping through a store with two miserable children in tow, to the tune of “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”.  At the time, I remember thinking how mean it was. That was pre-kids. Pre-twins. And pre-spending a whole summer at home with two toddler. My tune has changed.

I always assumed I would be one of those moms who posted sad face emoji’s on my kids first day of school. Turns out I am not. Some of the other parents and I wondered if it was in poor taste to just drop our kids off and go. Instead of hanging out to make sure they were adjusting well. 

In my defense, this is their second year at their school. And because it is a co-op,  we did spend a good portion of the summer there helping to get ready for the upcoming year. So they are on familiar grounds.

Also in my defense, I spent practically every day with then this summer. EVERY DAY! We don’t live near family, so there was no one to take them for the day. We have no sitter who comes and watches them once a week so I can get anything at all done. It was just me and them, all day, every day, until Saturdays when my husband was off work. I truly think they were just as ready to get a break from me as I was them.

Don’t get me wrong. There was some sadness in today. After this year they will enter Elementary school and I know it will just fly from that point on. This last year of pre-school is the beginning of the end of being a toddler. Of being a weird, funny, anything can happen little person. And that almost kills me.

But today, that was not my focus. My focus is the three days a week that I don’t have to plan some sort of outing or adventure. Our summer was packed. My focus is the three hours a day I have to myself. With no one calling me, climbing on me, using my shirt as a napkin.  

So I too, as I walked away from their preschool, alone, quietly hummed the classic holiday tune,  “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.”

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