wee blessing

It often takes a mother to find an easier, more efficient way to do something. Because of that skill, many moms are creating companies that not only help support their family, but also help other parents.

Enter, Alicia Werle, Founder of Wee Blessing. Alicia is a busy mom of two, who created a great solution to shopping for your kids clothes without even having to enter the store. Wee Blessing is a subscription company for children’s clothing where you can sign up for monthly or quarterly packages that contain four outfits.

How It Works

On their site you fill out your child’s style guide, filling in sizes and letting them know your child’s likes or dislikes. You put in your budget and they do all the shopping for you. Wee Blessing guarantees that all of the clothes are 40-80% off retail so your package will be tailored to your budget. I gave a budget of $20 – $35 per outfit and each outfit came in under budget. The only other cost is the $9.95 shipping fee, which is the same no matter how many boxes you receive each month. You then have seven days to return anything.

wee blessing

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Wee Blessing also makes for a great baby shower gift. Gifting Wee Blessing to an expecting mom is a way to help a new mom out from a distance. Newborns and babies, go through so many clothes and it isn’t always easy getting out of the house those first few months, especially if you are a mom to multiples!

It is also a great gift idea for this upcoming holiday season. Once they receive your request a stylist will contact you with various package options. They will even gift wrap your delivery for you.

Wee Blessing takes the hassle out of shopping with toddlers as well as teens. They style starting with newborns up to age 14, so your packages can grow as your children grow. Go to http://www.weeblessing.com to register for your first package and support another amazing mompreneur! 


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