photo by Damn Delicious
photo by Damn Delicious

Another year with twins has come and gone, faster than the last.  Turning three was incredibly exciting for the boys.  I get it, I remember.  Birthdays and getting bigger was everything as a kid, and that rang true for the boys.  They talked about their birthday for weeks, often varying in what age they were turning. Some days 3, a few times 45 and other times 16, either way they were ready.  I, on the other hand was not.

age 2


I loved age two.  There was no such thing as “Terrible Two’s” in our house. Which doesn’t mean every day was rainbows, but I found two to be a lot of fun. I look back on this past year and marvel at what these two beings have accomplished, having been here for such a short time.

This past year was the year they learned to swim, ride their balance bikes with speed and feet up, ride scooters, learned to do a roll-over, navigate the playground without my help, sled, swim in both the Atlantic and Pacific, got their first haircut and cook scrambled eggs.  They like listening to David Bowie, The Beatles and humming Darth Vader’s theme song on repeat.

age 2

The boys know their letters, can count and have even started recognizing what letter certain words begin with. I will never get over the ability of babies learning language, I am in complete awe.  But this year their language skills developed with such precision it is amazing.  Their conversation skills are clever, funny, and vast.  Their capability of using certain words in the proper context is, at times, shocking. I have no idea how they have learned such things.

Stopping Time

One main reason I never want them to grow is I will miss the way they converse with each other.  They are like two little old men, conversing about the world around, sometimes correcting one another, at times bickering and most of the time playing off each other like a comedy duo.  I could sit and listen to them for the rest of my life.

age 2

They have been completely potty trained for a year and now will, at times, go by themselves and even empty their pot into the toilet.  Twice have tried to wash it out, but lack of arm length stopped them.  They lost their cribs and sleep in “big” beds.

Their imagination has exploded. I know it is cliché but what they come up with is so impressive and often weird and random, which is what we prefer.  They have made friends, on their own and are kind to them, which at this age isn’t always the case.

Watching them over this past year has been a gift. While it certainly had its challenges, (I was working with two 2 year olds), I wasn’t ready to it let go of two.  But we are here, at age three and there is no going back, only forward.  Another year of witnessing what wonderful things the boys will do.






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